Let the Wookiee Win; It's ILM's Only Chance

by TheFan

I talked with Joshua Pines, team captain for ILM's SIGGRAPH Bowl team, named 'Let the Wookie Win'. We spoke about his team's discipline, focus, and drive to win this years SIGGRAPH Bowl.

Joshua Pines Prepares for SIGGRAPH Bowl

Let the Wookie Win

I've been following the rise of the SIGGRAPH BOWL since SIGBOWL I. Back when the players still wore leather helmets, and the ball was made of pigskin, and stitched with twine. Now the most popular of SIGGRAPH events, the Bowl is often sold out months in advanced. Fans stand for hours waiting to buy overpriced scalped tickets.

I talked with Joshua Pines, team captain for ILM's SIGGRAPH Bowl team *, named "Let the Wookie Win". We spoke about his team's discipline, focus, and drive to win this years SIGGRAPH Bowl. I only had a few minutes with him, since he was busy finishing up the final scene in the Star Wars Prequel where Obi-Won...well, you don't want to hear about that. No, you want to get the real scoop on the ILM SIGGRAPH Bowl team. So let's get to it!

theFan: What IS this Bowl anyway?

Joshua Pines: To quote from the SIGGRAPH panel proceedings: "The SIGGRAPH Bowl is a spinoff from the old televised 'College Bowl' - where invited teams representing leading universities and graphics companies will test their knowledge of SIGGRAPH history. participants indentify quotes from important papers, recognize rendered images, and film show animations of past years, and answer trivia questions about events, trends, and personalities of past siggraph events..."

(in other words, it's a major geek trivia fest... and ILM has some of the majorest geeks anywhere!!! )

theFan: Any prize money? JP: No, but the winning team does receive a really nice teapot... thefan: Who makes up the starting team?

Joshua: Rod Bogart, Dan Goldman, Florian Kainz and myself.

theFan: What are you doing to prepare for the battle?

Joshua: We're watching video tapes of previous SIGGRAPH Bowls, combing through old SIGGRAPH proceedings, memorizing authors' names of obscure technical papers, in addition to drinking heavily...

theFan: What do you think your odd's are in winning it all?

Joshua: Well, considering this is ILM's first year competing in the bowl, and we're going against some extremely impressive competition, i'd say we have a snowball's chance in hell of even making it past the first round - but you never know - we might just be able to intimidate the other teams through physical threats...

theFan: What training tips would you give to the beginning players out there?

Joshua: Don't try this at home...we're trained professionals... but staying up far past your bedtime drooling over last year's Edmund Scientific catalog ** is a good start...

theFan: What would you like to say to the competition?

Joshua: We think our team's name says it all: "Let The Wookiee Win! Please." ***

theFan: Has "Let the Wookie Win" signed any endorsement contracts?

Joshua: Not yet, though we've heard that the "acme pocket protector" company is definitely interested in talking to our agent...see ya'll in Orlando!


* I made this up, he isn't really the captain.
** Edmund Scientific Catalog? Wow they really are nerds.
*** Okay, I added the please...well, they sounded so desparate.