New Credits Section Reopens

by malducin

After a long hiatus the ILMfan credits section has been revamped. This is the first stage in reopening the site.

The biggest change is behind the scenes. The old system dates back to 2005 using several scripts I wrote (can't believe they have worked for so long). The new system uses a framework which will help make the system more flexible, maintainable and useful. It's also now accessible at the subdomain (besides the usual location as a subdirectory

This is just the beginning. Just the basic information has been loaded: the project name and release date. Still missing are listing the directors and clients. Poster images, credits and notes are missing as well. I should start loading some of these in the next few days. Also pending is adding many new projects since the last time I updated the list. New to this version is specific news for the credits section (when entries are updated) though the updates won't be as frequent as the main site (whenever that one starts again). And of course there's a new design to the site, though this one is temporary (I really wanted to restart the site).

Keep an eye on this section and the forums for updates. Enjoy and welcome back.