Star Wars Credits Completed

Star Wars Credits Completed

by malducin

The credits for the original Star Wars, ILM's first project, have been completed.

The credits system has been improved so information is better cross referenced and it's now tied to the projects and awards system. A new people directory section has been opened for easier searches and now there's a simple credits list for every person added to the database.

There are a few other aesthetic changes: instead of a random poster, now there's an image carrousel and there will also be project image galleries. You can see how the posters will work if you check the pages for Avatar, Iron Man 2, I Am Number Four, Rango and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. You can check how the image galleries will work on the Avatar page.

This is a work in progress so expect maybe a few tweaks before I start the long process of filling the credits of about 300 projects.