Event: Are We There Yet? DVD 2-Pack

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Are We There Yet?, directed by Brian Levant, is being released as a 2-pack set that also includes Christmas with the Kranks. Are We There Yet? Ice Cube, Nia Long, Aleisha Allen, Philip Bolden, Jay Mohr, M.C. Gainey, Tracy Morgan and Nichelle Nichols. A sports memorabilia store owner offers to take the kids of his girlfriend when she gets stuck in Vancouver because of work during the Holidays. Unfortunately the kids try their hardest to make the trip a nightmare. VFX were mainly provided by The Jim Henson Creature Shop under the supervision of Stephen Coren, ILM under the supervision of Stefen Fangmeier, CafeFX, Radium and Custom Film Effects.

This is a 2 disc release. The films consist of their original DVD releases, no new extras are included. Are We There Yet? includes audio commentary by director Brian Levant and a making-of documentary.