FMX 2015: Technology: Lighting and Rendering: Hyperion

Event: FMX 2015: Technology: Lighting and Rendering: Hyperion

- @ Haus der Wirtschaft, Gloria 2, Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany

For Disney's Big Hero 6, we were challenged to produce a world significantly more complex along with richer, more realistic lighting than our previous films. To achieve this, we developed a new path-traced renderer, Hyperion, based on a new streaming framework. The key innovation is that we use large, sorted ray batches along with deferred shading to improve performance in ray intersection and shading, enabling multi-bounce path-tracing with full material responses and textures calculated on every bounce. This presentation will provide the motivation for writing the new renderer, will describe it's key technical aspects in detail, and will recount its experience in its use on Big Hero 6.

The talk will be given by Brent Burley, Principal Software Engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios.