Terminator Genisys Opens

Event: Terminator Genisys Opens

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Terminator Genisys, directed by Alan Taylor, opens today.

In 2029, leader of the human Resistance John Connor, sends his comrade Kyle Reese back in time to stop the Terminators sent by Skynet to kills his mother. However, Kyle finds the original past changed, when a Terminator was sent back to kill Sarah Connor as a child. Sarah, Kyle and a reprogrammed T-800 race to try to stop Judgment Day in an altered timeline.

Terminator Genisys stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Connor and Lee Byung-hun as the T-1000.

Double Negative and MPC are the main VFX providers. ILM, Method Studios, Lola and Legacy Effects also contributed to the project.

Web: http://www.terminatormovie.com/