Event: The Mask New Line Platinum Series DVD

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The Mask, directed by Chuck Russell, and starring Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck and Richard Jeni, comes out in a new New Line Platinum Series DVD. This classic comedy has a mild mannered bank employee finding Loki's (the Norse god of mischief) mythical mask. When he wears the mask he inherits his powers and his alter ego takes over. Trouble ensues when trying to win over a club singer who works for bank robber. The VFX were mainly provided by ILM, under the supervision of Scott Squires, Ken Ralston and Steve Spaz Williams (who supervised animation as well), and Dream Quest Images, under the supervision of John Farhat.

This is a 1 disc release which includes 2 audio commentaries, one with director Chuck Russell and the second with the filmmakers and New Line Cinema's Bob Shaye. There are a few featurettes covering Cameron Diaz' discovery, a retrospective of the film and several deleted scenes, among others.