Animation Supervisors for Dreamcatcher and Harry Potter 2 Confirmed

by malducin

Cinefex has updated some listings of projects ILM is working in particular Animation Supervisors for several projects. Joining the team for Dreamcatcher will be Daniel Jeannette as Animation Supervisor. David Andrews will be Animation Supervisor for Harry Potter 2. Tom Bertino is supervising animation for Men in Black 2.

Dreamcatcher is a movie based on a Stephen King novel about an alien invasion. The inclusion of Jeannette probably means will see plenty of aliens in the film. Daniel Jeannette has worked on such CG character projects as both Mummy movies, The Lost World and 101 Dalmatians. David Andrews has also worked in several notable projects like Mars Attacks! and Small Soldiers. Tom Bertino, whose short film Work in Progress is available at ILM's official site, has supervised projects like Flubber and The Time Machine.

The listings also update several other key members, like Michael Lantieri will do physical effects, re-teaming again with Dennis Muren. Many of the players from the first Harry Potter are now also listed for the sequel like veteran physical FX supervisor John Richardson, and Karl Mooney of Mill Film. More information at the ILM listing from Cinefex:

ILM upcoming projects at Cinefex

Thanks to dr. CGI for the pointer.