Article: SIGGRAPH Primer

by malducin

One of the consequences of being the webmaster of this site is that I get emails requesting information about ILM and VFX. One of the most common requests is how to work at ILM or what to study to enter the VFX industry. One of my common answers is to check out SIGGRAPH, but many times people haven't heard about it or if they do they might not have attended the annual conference. Now there is an article to try to answer the most common questions and give a brief glance at what the conference is all about.

I used to retype the explanations to SIGGRAPH over and over again. Now with this article I hope most of the basic ones are answered, and if you are serious about VFX or CGI you'll probably consider going at least once. I've included plenty of pictures to give a brief glimpse at what goes on (many from SIGGRAPH 2001 and hopefully it'll compensate a little that I didn't do a report about it) so even if you get bored with my long rant you'll have something to look at. To me SIGGRAPH was an eye opener and hopefully others will find it as rewarding. You can find it in the Articles section or through the next direct link:


The article is divided in 3 sections covering the basics of the organization and conference, the technical program and the conference activities. It's quite long and it includes over 70 photos of the different events.