CFQ Covers Van Helsing

by malducin

The latest issue of Cinefantastique has as it's cover story Stephen Sommer's Van Helsing. It includes some coverage on the VFX work provided by ILM under the supervision of Scott Squires and Ben Snow.

Here is what The Cynic is saying about it:

Tim McLaughlin (creature supervisor at ILM) provides the details of ILM's creature CG work on the film. ILM's work probably covers 2/3 of the article so it is a must for those who want a glimpse of what ILM is doing for the film. The article does mention that Mr.Hyde is similar to his appearance in LXG (and that McLaughlin has not seen LXG), but that particular attention was brought to how his muscles jiggle around due to his huge size. The article is relatively in-depth for a film that does not open for a few months. McLaughlin does describe some of the challenges ILM faced in creating all the CG characters. It does not, however, contain any photos of ILM's work not seen in the trailers.

The mag also has nice articles on STARSHIP TROOPERS 2, directed by Phil Tippett and a nice 26 year retrospective on the making of the original SUPERMAN, with the emphasis on the preproduction....

Thanks to The Cynic for the report.

Also tonight a new trailer for the film premiered on entertainment magazine show Access Hollywood. No doubt it will appear soon online.