Cinefex 101 Cover Son of the Mask, Aviator and VFX Gurus Part Deux

by malducin

Cinefex issue 101 is shipping and has started to appear on magazine racks. This issue covers the VFX work on Son of the Mask, with most of the work done by ILM, under the supervision of Ed Hirsh, Tom Bertino and Christophe Hery, and Tippett Studio, under the supervision of Thomas Schelesny, with Jamie Price as overall supervisor, and The Aviator done mainly by Imageworks, under Rob Legato's supervision, and New Deal Studios. Also included is the second part of the State of the Business article.

The State of the Business article includes ILM producer Ned Gorman, former ILM Presidents Jim Morris and Scott Ross and VFX luminaries like John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Craig Barron, Phil Tippett, Ken Ralston, Mike Fink, Hoyt Yeatman, Stan Winston, Richard Hollander, Volker Engel, Tim Sarnoff and many more.

Here are a few details from The Cynic:

  • Do know that ILM did 81 shots on "Son of the Mask" or that Tippett did 153 shots.
  • For MASK, Illusion Arts only did 3 shots. Kleiser-Walczak did an 11 shot 'animated sperm sequence' that was cut out of the US release to get a PG rating. There is a full page showing 6 cuts of this sequence in the article. 12 shops worked on the film...
  • Just flipped through the SON OF THE MASK article and it mentions that for the original THE MASK, ILM only did 91 shots, but those shots had 12 minutes of animation...
  • Something like that SPI only did 73 shots on AVIATOR.
  • There are 13 shops on AVIATOR, although there is not a shot count for New Deal, just what miniature sequences they did.
  • Yes, there are some very interesting stuff mentioned in the 'Business' article. If you want to know what a 'visual effects producer' actually does, then you will certainly find out. Other topics are how some smaller shops have flourished while some of the mid-size shops have not, you might be surprised who doesn't mind farming out shots and who does. There's lots more. Good stuff...

You can see the Cinefex summary for the issue here:

Cinefex issue 101

Next issue will cover the biggest Spring 2005 projects, Constantine (mainly ESC and Tippett Studio), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (mainly Cinesite and The Jim Henson Creature Shop) and Sin City (mainly The Orphanage and Hybride), and ILM's Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Many thanks to The Cynic for the details.