Cinefex 94 Covers Hulk

by malducin

Issue 94 of Cinefex is starting to hit the streets and it covers the VFX work on the Hulk, X2 and The Core. The Hulk, supervised by Dennis Muren, is covered in an extensive 42 page article.

Next issue will cover Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and The Matrix Reloaded. You can check the issue here:

Cinefex issue 94

Here is the report from the Cynic:

Here's some stats about THE HULK....

-Contained 600 fx shots

-440 of which contained character animation

-fx totaled 37 minutes of screen time

-there are a few shots of an animatronic hulk-dog done by KNB

- Dave Carson supervised animation tests in late 1997-early 1998 and Steve Johnson, Tony Garder and Kevin Yagher did the makeup and animatronic tests before it was shelved.

There is a cool ILM advertisement that has the hulk kneeling down looking at Yoda (!) with the tag line 'dream BIG'.....

Yes, it mentions that Hensleigh was set to direct with Tom Pietzman as visual effects producer. At that time they were going to go with the 'Jurassic Park' style- animatronic close-ups, full-motion CG...

-Let's see..ILM worked on the split-screen montages used throughout the film.

-Our friend Todd Vaziri is mentioned a few times for his compositing work.

-The Hulk vs dogs sequence utilized a miniature forest. The dogs were motion captured as well for some shots

-The Comanche helicopters and F-22 Raptor jets are actual prototypes for the military. The Comanches are to be used in 2006.

-LOTS of cool pics, a few you've seen before, although the last 2 photos showing the end villain in various forms are a little murky. Mostly shots from the film, no photos of folks at workstations, and none of Muren, unfortunately...

Many thanks to The Cynic for the report.