Cinefex Issue 102 Covers Star Wars Episode III

by malducin

Cinefex issue 102 has an extensive article on the VFX work in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and interview with Director George Lucas and in-depth coverage of Sin City, Constantine and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Here is what The Cynic reports:

  • ILM did film Yoda landing at Dagobah but it was cut. Perhaps it will be on the DVD.
  • The Mustafar miniature shoot lasted 8 months, the longest ever for ILM.
  • Film contained 2151 fx shots of which 1269 had animation.
  • Very little in the article is mentioned on who supervised what other than Knoll was supervising from the beginning, Guyett came on on October 2004 for the Mustafar stuff, and Rob Coleman directed 2nd unit Wookie live-action in Australia...

A quick recap of the other projects:

  • Sin City: Hybride (Sin City segment) - 699 shots, CafeFX (The Big Fat Kill Segment)- 591 shots, The Orphanage (The Yellow Bastard segment) - 592 shots. It was shot in the new Sony HDSR cameras.
  • Constantine: Tippet Studio (Hell, Mammon, exorcism, Vermin man, etc.) - 175 shots, ESC (Vermin man, Angela's abduction, time slows, CG Balthazar, etc.) - 135 shots, CIS (L.A. exteriors, Hennessy death, Balthazar shots, etc.) - 146 shots, Hydraulx (electric chair, cattle dying, Beeman's death, etc.) - 16 shots, Furious FX (water into wine, etc.) - 22 shots, New Deal Studios (miniatures of Angela's office destruction), Hatch - 5 shots (Heaven), Pacific Title - 16 shots (fixes), Proof (3D animatics), Illusion Arts - 1 shot (matte painting of Constantine's dept.) and Fantasy II (water and cloud elements).
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Cinesite - 493 shots, Shynola (Guide animations), Asylum Models and Effects (miscellaneous props and models), Bill Pearson supervised the rest of the miniatures (Vogon ships, Vogcity and Deep Thought).

The issue also contains an interview with Director George Lucas where he discusses how VFX technology allowed him to finally make the prequels, digital cinema and how it will affect the business, tinkering with the original Star Wars films, the move to the Presidio, 3D movies and the role of ILM and VFX in the industry.

Also el Morro reports on the contents of the German Digital Production magazine:

  • There were 40 Animators, 33 (seems a lot to me) Matte Artists, 185 Creatures, it says there were only 1,038 animation shots equaling 90 minutes, 47 real and 375 CG models.
  • 6,598,928 hours of rendering for 12,855,000 separate renderings (including composites).
  • Boga needs 4 GB RAM to be loaded, Ryan Kauzman developed a new flesh-sim (phys-ban-flehs) needing 6-14 seconds per frame.
  • Grievous consists of 4.591 NURBS (435,186 CVs) and 200 joints. The organs were done with cloth-sim, which could also be run separately for separate parts now, to solve certain problems.
  • Rigging was made easier and more efficient (in XSI) and Maya scripts automatically did the pilots for the different spaceships.
  • The wookies are technically related to the werewolves from VH.
  • The whole article is pretty long and covers a lot, from rigging to particle simulation, the use of Zenviro etc.

You can check the summary of articles in the Cinefex website.

Cinefex issue 102

Next issue will cover War of the Worlds (where ILM served as main VFX provider), along with the work on Batman Begins and Stealth.

Thanks to The Cynic and el Morro for the reports.