Cinefex Issue 89 Covers Time Machine and Lord of the Rings VFX Work

by malducin

The latest Cinefex has started to appear on bookstores and contains coverage on The Lord of the Rings, The Time Machine and Black Hawk Down. Not only does it cover ILM's work on The Time Machine, but also their connection to Weta and Lord of the Rings, and this latest issue also brings new changes.

Besides redesigning their website, seems Cinefex has also revamped the magazine. Here is a summary from The Cynic:

Probably the most interesting thing about this issue is the new design and layout of the magazine. The text is slightly larger and photos take the upper half of the page. It seems more streamlined and stylized without losing article length. There is a fancy new 'contents' page. You'll know what I mean when you see it. I like it...

Anyway, here is some stats/info regarding his issue....

-Time Machine
ILM did 17 CG Morlock shots
ILM and DD collaborated together on the final Morlock destruction sequence

-Black Hawk Down
Mill Film did 106 shots
Asylum did 104 shots

-Lord of the Rings
Peter Jackson, Randy Cook and key Weta personnel visited ILM in 1998 to see how previz worked on a large scale

Digital Domain did the 6 shot 'water horses' sequence

Rhythm & Hues composited 9 Isengard shots

Animal Logic did 20 shots among them shots of Sam underwater adding CG particle matter, bubbles, etc. and views of Palantir (the black orb that Saruman looks through)

There is nothing about Gollum. Guess they are saving him for The Two Towers article. Without kissing too much caboose, the LOTR issue is very comprehensive and will probably be a collectors item...

Here is more info about The Time Machine from The Cynic:

The matte paintings were by Illusion Arts. The moon shots were Digital Domain, although most was cut. The ground opening up because of the moon was by Cinesite...

Also, the CGW website has finally put online their article on The Time Machine (announcement at

About Time

Countless thanks to the Cynic for his great and prompt report.

Next issue of Cinefex will cover two of the biggest VFX projects this year, Episode 2 and Spider-Man.