Cinefex Issue 93 Covers Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

by malducin

Cinefex issue 93 is covering Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which ILM along Framestore/CFC, Mill Film and Mill Models, The Moving Picture Company and Cinesite, contributed on the VFX workload. The other projects covered include Adaptation (Digital Domain and Gray Matter FX), Daredevil (Rhythm and Hues, Pixel Magic and Digital Domain) and Star Trek: Nemesis (Digital Domain, Illusion Arts and CIS). There is some confusion as if the next issue (94) will cover The Hulk or the first Matrix sequel.

Here is the report from The Cynic about the Harry Potter 2 coverage:

-There are 900+ shots in the film

- 68 Dobby shots and 15 animators who worked on the Dobby animation

-For those who have been complaining of photos of CG folks at their workstations, there are exactly ZERO photos of people looking at monitors in this article. In fact, the ENTIRE issue contains no such photos!

-Interestingly, the 'next issue' page lists MATRIX RELOADED, and not HULK....

You can check out the issue here:

Cinefex issue 93

Thanks to The Cynic and aslan for the heads up.