Cinefex Newsletter Covers 2003 VES Awards

by malducin

The Cinefex newsletter issue 6 provides extensive coverage of the 2003 VES Awards, including video clips of the events and a rundown of the awards.

In the report Lucas joked that finally Howard the Duck got an award after getting his Lifetime Achievement Awards. Steven Spielberg sent a video congratulating his friend. The report also describes also the 2 sequences that which won ILM their two awards in Pirates of the Caribbean: the pyro work to destroy the Interceptor miniature, and a 1,000 frame pullback 2D/3D matte painting environment that reveals a pirate ship in the fog. ESC Technology Supervisor George Borshukov provided some food for thought. You can catch the clips here:

2003 VES Awards
George Lucas at VES Awards

The issue also mentions the upcoming THX-1138 DVD release, which is rumored to have some minor work by ILM and a web documentary about Episode III in the official Star Wars site.

Also in better late than never news, issue 4 had as its main article, a profile on Bill Tondreau, pioneer in motion control, who this year received a Sci-Tech Oscar statuette. It mentions how he was contracted by ILM to supply equipment for Return of the Jedi, ILM eventually replacing their motion control rigs by Tondreau's systems, and the founding of Kuper Controls. He mentions the use of motion control in the Star Wars prequels and Peter Jackson's upcoming King Kong version.