Cinefex Newsletter Covers the End of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

by malducin

Issue 7 of the Cinefex newsletter has an article on the completion of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and the upcoming extended edition DVD and the work been done on King Kong, plus a little speculation that might hint at another ILM project.

The extended edition DVD will have between 40 to 60 min. of new footage which will contain 200+ VFX shots, which Overall Supervisor Jim Rygiel is overseeing, and after that he'll return home to the US. Weta Digital Supervisor (and former ILM member) Joe Letteri will stay to supervise Peter Jackson's King Kong, while Paul Griffin (another former ILM member) will be in charge of animation for it. Richard Taylor states that the design work is pretty far along, while Miniature Cinematographer Alex Funke is exploring stylistic issues with Director of Photography Andrew Lesnie.

Most intriguing is the brief mention that Director Wolfgang Petersen, currently working on the highly anticipated Troy, is considering a remake of the classic disaster film The Poseidon Adventure for Warner Bros. The small snippet mentions it'll use the same technology Petersen used for The Perfect Storm.

There are brief mentions of the upcoming Firefly movie (script is finished) and a movie version of Aeon Flux by Gale Anne Hurd (who produced The Hulk) starring Charlize Theron, among other news.