Dennis Muren Discusses War of the Worlds VFX Work

by malducin

CHUD, and FilmForce IGN have interviews with Senior VFX Supervisor Dennis Muren about his work on Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds.

Among the things he discusses are working with Steven Spielberg, the insane schedule and having Pablo Helman onboard, the ferry sequence, the design of the film, the use of CG and real elements, the previs work, the "invisible" shots of Cruise driving down the highway, working on Star Wars, jumping to the digital age, directing, digital humans and transforming ILM into a more efficient workplace. You can read them here:

Interview: Dennis Muren (War of the Worlds)
Dennis Muren: The Magic of ILM
IGN Interviews ILM's Dennis Muren

Many thanks to ShaneP, dr.CGI and Ian Failes of VFXBlog for the heads up.