Dennis Muren to Discuss Kubrick's 2001

by malducin

These year's SIGGRAPH will have a Special Session dedicated to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 and how it influenced modern FX. Dennis Muren will be one of the panelists.

Also attending will be CG pioneer Robert Abel, director Peter Hyams (he directed 2010), and futurist Syd Mead (conceptual artist for films like Tron, Aliens, Star Trek The Motion Picture and 2010).

It's interesting to note that 2001 was an "analog" film done before commercial CG was in vogue. But it did inspire a lot people which brought us to the FX renaissance that started with Star Wars and later on with the digital era.
The session will be held on Friday August 17.

Here is the link:

SIGGRAPH 2001 Special Session: 2001 in 2001: How a Film Inspired Our Future