Episode 2 Status and Lucas Digital Nominations at Official Star Wars Site

by malducin

The official Star Wars site has an update with producer Rick McCallum, who states the ILM has only 450 shots left to do with an average of 50 delivered per week. The official site also has a nice write-up on the nominations that Lucas Digital got: 2 for Visual Effects (ILM for Pearl Harbor and AI) and 2 for Sound Editing (Skywalker Sound for Pearl Harbor and Monsters Inc.).

This would mean 1750 shots are already completed and that in only 9 weeks ILM would be finished, around the third week of April and just three and a half weeks before release. McCallum also mentions how far along is editing and Ben Burtt speaks on editing and sound design.

Here are the links:

Lucas Digital Academy Award Nominations
Episode II Update: Crunch Time

No mention on the Tech Oscars though.