Episode 2 VFX Work Discussed Around the Net

by malducin

Finally, coverage for the VFX work for Star Wars Episode 2 has finally started to appear online. You can read about it on VFXPro, CGW, Post magazine and CGChannel.

You can see many high quality pictures, some of even the original plates, blue screen elements, wireframes, and even a look at the interface of Cari and the cloth simulator. Here they are for your enjoyment:

ILM on 'Attack of the Clones' (VFXPro.com)
Attack of the Clones, part 1 (CGW)
Lucasfilm declares war (Post magazine)
Softimage|3D used in SWII "Attack of the Clones" (CGChannel.com)

Additionally you can catch a couple of articles on Spider-Man, whose VFX were overseen by Star Wars veteran John Dykstra:

Nitty Gritty Spider (CGW)
Sony Imageworks creates swinging visuals (Post magazine)

Thanks to Ian Failes and the numerous other submitters for the incredible pointers. This should hold us until Cinefex next month.