Eric Brevig to Direct Journey 3-D

by malducin

Dark Horizons and FilmForce IGN are reporting that VFX Supervisor Eric Brevig will make his feature directing debut with Journey 3-D, an adaptation to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Eric Brevig has a long interest with VFX, doing split-screen shots at age six on an 8mm camera. He entered the UCLA film program and in 1980 entered a camera apprentice training program. He then interned (starting around 1981) at Disney's VFX department, Apogee, Doug Trumbull's VFX company, Universal Heartland and The Anderson Company, working on such projects as Laverne and Shirley and Blade Runner. After finishing his internship he was hired by Disney where he worked on the Magic Journeys 3-D project for EPCOT Center.

In 1984 he joined Dream Quest Images where he was involved The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and the Amazing Stories TV series and became a supervisor for The Lost Boys. Other projects would include Captain EO (also for Disney's EPCOT Center), Big Business, Scrooged, The Abyss and Total Recall for which he would win an Academy Award (also nominated for a BAFTA). Shortly thereafter he joined ILM to supervise the work on Hook, for which he got an Oscar nomination. He was also nominated for Pearl Harbor and got another BAFTA nod for Men in Black. Other notable projects at ILM included Disclosure, The Indian in the Cupboard, Wild Wild West, Signs, Peter Pan and The Day After Tomorrow. His last project at ILM was The Island.

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We would like to wish good luck to Eric Brevig in all his future endeavors.