FilmForce Interviews Gary Kurtz

by malducin

IGN's FilmForce website has recently put online all parts of their extensive interview with legendary producer Gary Kurtz. Find out about his career on films such as Star Wars, a few of the ILM challenges back then, American Graffiti, The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, and Slipstream among others. Also find out his thoughts on working with Lucas, the Star Wars special editions and prequels and much more.

Gary Kurtz is currently producing 5-25-77, a film by Patrick Read Johnson based on his childhood experiences watching Star Wars. Patrick Read Johnson was the creator of the concept for Dragonheart (and was originally set to direct it), directed Baby's Day Out and Spaced Invaders which had effects by John Knoll (and was also best man at his wedding). You can read the interviews here:

An Interview with Gary Kurtz
Rise and Fall (and Rise) of a Hollywood Director: An Interview with Patrick Read Johnson
5-25-77 website

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