First Linux Movies Conference in LA

by malducin

Robin Rowe, project manager of the Film Gimp, and key public figure on the use of Linux in VFX, announced that Linux Movies Conference will take place on February 18 in Los Angeles. Rod Bogart, lead R&D developer, will represent ILM and will speak about the recently announced OpenEXR format. Representative from other studios will present throughout the days including: Alan Boucek from Tippett Studios, Thad Beier co-founder of Hammerhead, Sam Richards from Imageworks, Nathan Wilson from Dreamworks Feature Animation, Dan Novy of Flash Film Works, Caroline Dahllöf of Rhythm and Hues, Ray Feeney cofounder of Silicon Grail, and Jack Brooks of Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The all day event will discuss how Linux is being used inside those studios. The event is part of Creative Cow conference which will also feature Mark Sylvester, Wavefront's cofounder, Alias/Wavefront Ambassador until recently and cofounder of mixed grill. You can read about the program and speaker bios here:

Linux Movies Conference on Feb 18th in Los Angeles