Gnomon Workshop to Release Feng Zhu Concept Design DVDs

by malducin

The Gnomon Workshop, part of the 3D and VFX school Gnomon, will release a set of 4 DVDs about concept design by Feng Zhu. He joined the Art Department for Star Wars Episode 3 where he is working in designing environments, vehicles and props.

The four titles are:

Concept Design, I: Vehicles
Concept Design, II: Environments
Concept Design, III: Sketching
Concept Design, IV: Digital Painting

You can see more of his art at his website and there was a small feature on him that ran on the official Star Wars site:

Feng Zhu website
Meet the Episode III Art Department

In related news the official Star Wars website posted two questions about the concept design and animatics for Star Wars prequels:

In what ways will Episode III resemble Episodes I and II, and Episodes IV-VI? (Ryan Church)
What software has been used for animatics in Episode II? (Dan Gregoire)

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