Hero Wins Best VFX at Hong Kong Film Awards

by malducin

Hero, Zhang Yimou's latest film, has won the award for Best Visual Effects at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Among the recipients of the award were several former members of ILM: Ellen Poon (former ILM VFX Supervisor and founder of DFreedomZone), Christopher Horvath (former ILM CG artist and developer and cofounder and VFX Supervisor of Tweak Films), and Jonathan Rothbart (former ILM Rebel Unit artist and VFX Supervisor and cofounder of The Orphanage), along Murray Pope.

Hero proved to be the big winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards along with Internal Affairs, each won 7 awards. Besides VFX Hero won for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Costume and Make Up Design, Best Action Choreography, Best Original Film Score, and Best Sound Design. You can read about the awards at the official Awards site or Yahoo:

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The VFX of Hero were mainly provided by Tweak Film (co founded by Christopher Horvath and Jim Hourihan, former ILM CG artist and lead developer respectively), The Orphanage (co founded by ILM Rebel Unit artists Stu Maschwitz, Scott Stewart and Jonathan Rothbart) and Animal Logic (one of the premiere Australian VFX houses best known for their great work on The Matrix and Moulin Rouge). The work included realizing huge armies, enhancements as CG arrows for epic battles and enhancing the fantastic martial arts work among other things. Ellen Poon collaborated with Tweak Films as a VFX Supervisor. You can read about about them on their website:

Ellen Poon's Hero work and DFreedomZone
Tweak Films
Tweak Films' Hero contributions
The Orphanage
The Orphanage's Hero contributions
Animal Logic
Animal Logic's Hero contributions

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

Miramax plans to release the film in November in North America. The official movie website is here:

Hero official website

Thanks to EwanMagic for the heads up.