Hollywood Reporter Looks at Late 2003 VFX Films

by malducin

This past Friday, the Hollywood Reporter ran their annual look at the Holiday VFX films, which included looks at a few ILM projects like Peter Pan and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Here is a recap by The Cynic himself:

  • Haunted Mansion- 370 shots
  • Last Samurai- 400+ shots
  • Looney Tunes:Back in Action- 1450 shots, 800 involving animated characters
  • Master and Commander- 730 shots, mostly compositing and digital water. Asylum did the storm sequence.
  • Matrix Revolutions- 1300 shots
  • Peter Pan- ILM 550+ shots, Digital Domain 200+ shots including the CG crocodile

There are also a few 'For your consideration' ads for T3, Pirates, Matrix Revolutions and Big Fish, which lists 8 (!) names for Visual Effects....

Here are a few details about those 2 ILM projects:

MASTER AND COMMANDER~ "Fangmeier met with director Weir more than 2 years ago to talk fx and was brought on to the show 3 months ago." Although I remember hearing about ILMs involvement before then. ILM combined Weta's miniatures, Asylum's CG versions, water plates and CG water. The issue has a nice photo breakdown of a ship composite involving all the practical, miniature and digital effects. Jeff Doran is mentioned as ILM compositing supervisor for the particular sequence.

PETER PAN- "Brevig managed the shooting of Hook's miniature pirate ship for long shots, with miniature bow, stern and upper masts tracked to the full-scale middle section filmed by first unit in Australia."

About Last Samurai:

Speaking of LAST SAMURAI, here's a little breakdown....

Quotes from supervisor Jeff Okun. "Pixel Magic did Act 1 which involved terraforming the location and building up the armies." There is supposed to be 500 samurai vs 10000 Imperial Army, although some shots had 15000. "Digital Dimension did the hand to hand fighting of Act 2". To appease the MPAA, they actually removed some arrows from extras (some had two or three in them and then add CG arrows hitting them). "Act 3 was done by Flash Film, which made 39 on horses look like a hundred riding down on the army amid CG cannon and gatling gunfire".

Also, Matte World did one shot and someone named Lubo Christov did the bulk of the matte shots...

Many thanks to The Cynic for all the great info.