Hoyt Yeatman Back in Action

by malducin

Last week industry trade magazine Variety reported that VFX Supervisor Hoyt Yeatman, cofounder of Dream Quest Images, has formed Whamaphram Productions, which will make animated films. Joining him will be David James, former VFX Producer at DQI, ILM and The Secret Lab and Ed Kashiba.

Here is the report from VFXWorld.com:

Visual effects vet and former Secret Lab head Hoyt Yeatman has formed Whamaphram Prods. to produce CG animated features, reported VARIETY. Burbank-based toon house will specialize in completely animated and hybrid live-action/animated films.

The new studio is pitching its first project G-FORCE to several studios. The live-action family adventure would chronicle the NSA's top secret unit of highly intelligent, talking animals. Yeatman plans to direct the film.

Joining the new firm are Yeatman's long-time producing partner David James, who will head the production unit, and Ed Kashiba will head development. James has worked as a visual effects producer at Dream Quest Images, the Secret Lab and ILM. Kashiba previously served as vp of development for IFILM, which he came to after the online entertainment firm bought Script Shark, which he co-founded.

"We are all witnessing the natural evolution of visual effects houses becoming more involved with CG-animated features and content development," Yeatman said. "What is going to decide who crawls out of the pond alive will be which companies can develop and create interesting characters and compelling stories for a reasonable cost."

For more information, contact the company at 146 N. San Fernando, Burbank California or call (818) 846-2261.