ILM and Episode 2 Documentary at Official SW Site

by malducin

The official Star Wars site has just posted a new QuickTime documentary and these time around they focus on the "magic" ILM is doing for Episode 2.

Featured besides George Lucas (who seems to be having fun and a lighter side of him) and some of the actors, we get to see John Knoll, Rob Coleman and Jason Snell (ILM matchmover) at work, both on the blue screen stages and inside ILM. There are quite a few shots inside ILM and some outside the different building on the campus; quite amazing. In several instances you can get glimpses of some work in progress, like Palpatine's office with Coruscant already added, or the tracking of markers for a blue screen shot. It's definitely worth to look at. Here is the handy link:

It's All Magic