ILM at SIGGRAPH 2001: Preview 3, Sketches and Applications

by malducin

ILM has a strong showing at this year's Sketches and Application venue, part of the technical program at the Conference. Several members of ILM are present, both as the session chair and presenting some of their amazing behind the scenes work. Topics this year include talks on projects like Pearl Harbor, AI, Jurassic Park 3, The Mummy Returns and the alien Bud Super Bowl commercial.

As far as session chairs, Cary Phillips presides over two of them, Merging 2D and 3D Production Methods and Fuzzy Creatures, and David "Grue" DeBry, presides another two, Model Capture and On-Set CG.

Presentation include talks on 2D and 3D techniques for matte paintings by Paul Huston, dynamic skin and muscle for the dinos of JP3, on set visualization for AI and The Mummy Returns, the alien whazzup commercial and several talks on the FX of Pearl Harbor. Here are the handy links:

Merging 2D and 3D Production Methods
Feature FX
Production Overviews
Fuzzy Creatures
Death and Destruction
Model Capture
Models of Visual Representation
On-Set CG

The main Sketches and Applications page can be found here:

SIGGRAPH 2001 Sketches & Applications

Sketches and Applications are short talks detailing specific techniques or animations. They are usually divided into major categories, like Animation Sketches, technical Sketches, Art Sketches, etc. They are lighter than Paper presentations, though some might get into some technical details, but always fun. Each session has a specific theme with 3 or 4 talks from different people and projects.

For those interested in movies and FX, it's worth noting that other studios have also a strong presence, particularly Digital Domain and Pixar, along other like SPI, Disney Animation/TSL, PDI/Dreamworks, Rhythm and Hues and Double Negative. Looks to be another great Sketches and Applications venue, as always when it's in LA. Seems like a record year to me on the number of sessions (it's already a record on the number of courses). Here are a couple other FX related sessions:

Fun for TDs
Stylization in Animation Films

Speakers from several studios also give some Technical Sketches and Applications talks.

The only big thing remaining for previews will be the Electronic Theatre and Animation Theatres list of animations. Animation pieces have already been judged and selected, so we'll have to await official confirmation of any work by ILM that were accepted.

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