ILM at SIGGRAPH 2001: Preview 4, Computer Animation Festival

by malducin

SIGGRAPH has finally released the list of all the accepted pieces for the Computer Animation Festival, and ILM has four pieces accepted, all to the Electronic Theatre.

The four pieces are:

* Budweiser "Come Home"
* Pearl Harbor
* Industrial Light + Magic: Research and Development 2001
* Work in Progress

Not too shabby. Probably of most interest is the last two pieces. The R&D highlights are always interesting and jaw dropping. And most intriguing of all is the work in progress, by August there won't be too many projects left that are still in progress (Time Machine, Episode 2), unless they refer to their late Summer slate. Makes you wonder and say hmmmmmm....

It's also a strong year for film animation and FX. Most of the majors are represented like Sony Pictures Imageworks, The Secret Lab, Pixar, PDI, Digital Domain, Cinesite, Rhythm and Hues, KWCC, Square, and Blue Sky Studios, covering projects like Cast Away, The Grinch, Final Fantasy, Red Planet, Shrek, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, X-Men and Hollow Man.

The complete list can be found here:

Animation Theaters & Electronic Theater

This is the last major installment of the SIGGRAPH previews until SIGGRAPH 2001, in about 8 weeks. The past previews can be accessed here:

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