ILM at SIGGRAPH 2002: Alias/Wavefront Customer Presentations

by malducin

Alias/Wavefront website has listed its lineup of presenters for their booth, and attendees will hear about the pre-viz work for Episode 2, plus how Maya was used in Spider-Man, Reign of Fire and LucasArts' game Bounty Hunter.

As was shown in a previous MacWorld Conference, the prequels pre-viz team started switching to doing their work with Maya on OSX. Dan Gregoir will be the presenter. Peter Nofz will be the presenter for Imageworks, Rob Dressel will be the presenter for TSL/Disney Feature Animation, while Joe Brisbois will represent LucasArts. Presenters for AWGUA have not yet been finalized. More information here:

Alias/Wavefront at SIGGRAPH 2002

AWGUA will take place Sunday, July 21, 2002 from 7 to 10 PM at Sunset Station and registration is still open for it and for the Maya Master Classes.