ILM at SIGGRAPH 2002: ILM at the Maya Master Classes

by malducin

Alias/Wavefront is gearing up for another strong showing at SIGGRAPH. Registration for AWGUA, their user group meeting, has already open. And their Maya Master classes have finally been listed. Habib Zargarpour, ILM VFX Associate Supervisor, will present a class on the ever popular MelBots, and several other pros from the industry will also attend.

The MelBots are the virtual equivalent of the Battle Bots (as can be seen on Comedy Central), written in MEL inside Maya. They were originally developed to test the capabilities of Maya but quickly grew on popularity. habib will use them to teach about rigid body dynamics.

Other pros include Peter Bakic, TD at ILM, will talk about non organic modeling, Seth Lippman and Jason Schleifer of Weta Digital will discuss their work on Lord of the Rings, Daniel Roizman who worked at Kleiser Walczak Construction Company, Josh Reiss who works at Pixar (and before that at Imageworks and Kleiser Walczak Construction Company), Adrian Graham from Toybox (and before that at ILM), Jeremy Birn from Tippet Studios and Daniel Szecket who worked on Dinosaur for Disney Feature Animation.

You can register and learn more about the classes here:

Maya MasterClasses | Boot Camp