ILM at SIGGRAPH 2002: ILM Speakers Announced for Episode 2 Special Session

by malducin

The lineup for the Episode 2 CG Characters Special Session at SIGGRAPH 2002 has been updated and it consists of lead modeler Geoff Campbell, lead developers Zoran Kacic-Alesic and Sebastian Marino, and technical animation supervisor James Tooley. In related news the Lord of the Rings Special Session has unfortunately been canceled. A Special Session on Spider-Man will fill the space.

Zoran Kacic-Alesic won a Sci-Tech Oscar for the development of ILM's ViewPaint system, and Sebastian Marino recently won also a SCI-Tech Oscar as part of the Creature Dynamics Team. Geoff Campbell has been a long time modeler at ILM and has been involved in some of the biggest character projects at ILM including Episode 1, Dragonheart, Jumanji, Men in Black and galaxy Quest. James Tooley has worked in such projects as Twister and the Star Wars Special Edition.

The Lord of the Rings team had to cancel their presentation due to their commitments on the ongoing film production. Their is no listing for any Spider-Man participants yet, though it's probably a good bet that John Dykstra might be one of them.

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