ILM at SIGGRAPH 2002: Preview 2, Courses

by malducin

The SIGGRAPH 2002 website has just unveiled the Course listing for this year's Conference, with a record 59, and again we have participation from ILM members in the RenderMan course. Also members from many other studios, like Pixar, Imageworks, Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Dreamworks, Cinesite, Blue Sky Studios, and Centropolis will also participate in this and several other courses.

ILM will be present at Course 16: RenderMan in Production via Dan Goldman and Hayden Landis. Hayden Landis is a CG Artist, having worked on such projects as Men in Black and Deep Impact. Dan Goldman is a CG Supervisor and has worked on such projects like Episode 1, The Perfect Storm and Galaxy Quest, and is a regular SIGGRAPH attendee, having published a Paper on the Fake Fur technique, used in 101 Dalmatians, at SIGGRAPH 97. Again the course is organized by Larry Gritz from Exluna. The other presenters are Larry Gritz and Matt Pharr from Exluna, Rob Bredow from Imageworks, and Tony Apodaca and Guido Quaroni from Pixar. It promises to be a real in depth and interesting course. It will be a full day course on Sunday July 21, 2002:

Course 16: RenderMan in Production

Last year Associate VFX Supervisor Christophe Hery and Douglas Sutton of ILM were the ILM speakers on the RenderMan course, focusing on procedural models, that used examples from Episode 1, The Mummy, Magnolia and Work in Progress. The title is similar to the one of the RenderMan course of SIGGRAPH 95.

Other VFX related courses or ones having speakers from VFX studios are:

Course 32: Stuart Little 2: Let the Feathers Fly (all 6 speakers from Imageworks including VFX Supervisor Jay K. Redd)
Course 30: Character Setup From Rig Mechanics to Skin Deformations: A Practical Approach (Weta Digital, Blue Sky Studios and Dreamworks)
Course 5: Image-Based Lighting (organized by Paul Debevec with speakers from Digital Domain and Centropolis)
Course 9: Simulating Nature: Realistic and Interactive Techniques (Cinesite)
Course 43: A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Mapping (Pixar, Square USA)
Course 20: Design and Implementation of Direct Manipulation in 3D (Pixar)
Course 21: A Field Guide to Digital Color (Rhythm & Hues)
Course 56: Imagery, Symbolism, and Human Consciousness (Pixar)

Probably of special interest to students and hopefuls will be:

Course 8: My Work Is Finished, Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Making a Dynamite Demo Reel

The rest of the Courses can be located here:

SIGGRAPH Course List

The complete schedule of program is here:


Additionally next week the article I'm writing about the SIGGRAPH experience will be posted. Just a few minor corrections are needed in light of a few differences in this upcoming SIGGRAPH from previous ones. . Also, early registration starts March 1st.