ILM at SIGGRAPH 2002: Preview 6, Sketches and Applications

by malducin

The SIGGRAPH 2002 website has put online the final major updates which include the Sketches and Applications venue. This year the content is varied with plenty of VFX content. ILM will have a presence with 2 sketches, both related to Episode 2.

The first ILM Sketch is 'How to Dress Like a Jedi: Techniques for Digital Clothing' presented by lead developer Ari Rapkin who was in charge of developing the cloth simulations for Episode 2. It's part of the New Uses for Cloth, Hair, & Fire Sketch session and will take place Wednesday July 24 from 10:30 AM to 12:15 PM. The second sketch is titled 'Body Building Through Weight Training: Using Fitting Techniques for Skin Animation', part of the Animation Techniques Sketch session. It will be presented by lead developer Cary Phillips and Corina Xiaohuan Wang on Thursday July 25 from 1:30 to 3:15 PM. More information can be found here:

New Uses for Cloth, Hair, & Fire
Animation Techniques

Other sessions will cover work from Ice Age (Blue Sky Studios), Spirit (Dreamworks Animation), The Time Machine (Digital Domain), The Lord of the Rings (Digital Domain), Reign of Fire (The Secret Lab) and Treasure Planet (Disney). A few other VFX sessions will cover applications not tied specifically to a project, but are more about certain techniques, with houses like Pixar, PDI, The Moving Picture Company, Dreamworks Animation and Framestore/CFC presenting. Here they are:

2D Aesthetic in a 3D World
New Uses for Cloth, Hair, & Fire
Making of Ice Age
Feature Film Production Techniques
Surface & Volumetric Techniques
Making of Reign of Fire
Pre-Production & Pipeline: Doing it Right From the Start
Effects Omelette
Image Technology
Color & Focus

Additionally some VFX people are also chairing some sessions, which are not directly VFX related. Former ILM member David "Grue" DeBry will chair two sessions, one on Textures and the other on Lighting, and Doug Roble and Darin Grant of Digital Domain will chair one each, Applications and Rendering respectively. Here they are:


Don't forget that the Schedule Builder is fully operational to help you plan what to attend:

Schedule Builder

As a preview of the Bokeh rendering method, check out Dan Wexler's page, lead developer at PDI and chief architect of their renderer:

Bokeh Rendering

This is the last major update for SIGGRAPH. Still missing is a detailed breakdown of the courses, and to see if ILM will participate in other (mostly peripheral) events like the user group meetings for Alias/Wavefront, Softimage and Pixar's RenderMan.