ILM Gets 2 Oscar Nominations for 2001: AI and Pearl Harbor

by malducin

Today, a little after 5:30 AM Los Angeles time, the nominations for the 74th Academy Awards were announced by AMPAS president Frank Pierson and actress Marcia Gay Harden (who won an Oscar for Pollock, coincidentally an ILM project), at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. ILM has been nominated for AI Artificial Inteligence and Pearl Harbor.

Dennis Muren has won 8 Oscars for best VFX, including ET, T2 and Jurassic Park, 1 Tech Oscar, and been nominated for 5 others. He is slated to work on the Hulk after finishing with Episode 2. Scott Farrar won one Oscar previously for Cocoon and was nominated for Backdraft and is giving the final touches to Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. Michael Lantieri won an Oscar for Jurassic Park for the physical FX, and was also nominated for Hook, The Lost World and Back to the Future 2. Stan Winston has won 3 Oscars for VFX, Aliens, T2 andJurassic Park, one for Makeup and has been nominated 5 other times.

Eric Brevig won previously for Total Recall (while at DQI) was nominated for his work on Hook and currently is finishing K-19: The Widowmaker. This is Ben Snow's and Ed Hirsh's first nomination, Ben Snow is currently working on Episode 2. John Frazier has been nominated 3 times before including for Twister and The Perfect Storm.

Mark Stetson was previously nominated for 2010. This is the first nomination for the Jim Rygiel, Richard Taylor (though he got nominations for Costumes and Makeup) and Randall William Cook.

In conjunction with today's nominations announcement, the Awards section of the site will open up later today.

Also don't forget the 2 Technical Oscars ILM got also awarded, for their Creature Dynamics System and for MARS.

Pixar also got several nominations, one for Best Animated Short with For the Birds, and Monsters Inc. got 4 nominations, including for the new category of Best Animated Feature, competeing against PDI's Shrek and DNA's Jimmy Neutron.

Congratulations to ILM and all other facilities and personnel. The Oscars will be telecast on March 24 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, starting at 5:00 PM local time with the arrival. The Awards will begin at 5:30 with host Whoopi Goldberg.