ILM Helps Restore Star Wars Trilogy DVD

by malducin

An article about the restoration work for the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy DVD mentions that ILM also worked on scanning and color correcting the negative before passing it on to Lowry Digital.

You can read the article here:

'Star Wars' trilogy gets gussied up for DVD release

For those keeping score Tim Alexander was the VFX Supervisor in charge of the new set of changes. The new credits are accessed via an easter egg as described by Masterius:

There is a credit about who worked on the VFX. Its only in the easteregg. To access this go to the Bonus DVD. Then go to the Video Games menu. And there push the code on your remote: 1138 or 10+ 1 3 8. Then you get an hidden button and that will show a gag reel, incl. the credits.

Thanks to el Morro for the heads up on the article and Masterius for confirming Tim Alexander.