ILM Prepares Shots for Star Wars Episode III Trailer

by malducin

The Hyperspace section of the official Star Wars sites has an article detailing some of the fixes ILM has to do for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. There is already discussion of shots for the first trailer, animation for the initial battle sequence and dailies from the Knoll and Guyett units.

The fix involves a continuity problem between a digital double of Obi-Wan and Ewan McGregor, when his hood is not on. Among the solutions offered include redoing the cloth sim to have the hood off on landing, adding a CG hood to McGregor and finally having a stunt double do a quick take and later pasting Ewan's head on.

Here are the stats for the show so far for the film:

Total Number of Shots: 2,300
JAK Finals: 841
Final Omits: 74
Finals Needed Per Week: 56
Weeks to Go: 26
Shots Left to Go: 1,459

Hyperspace members can read the article here:

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