ILM VES Festival 2003 Speakers Announced

by malducin

The VES festival website has finally put online the list of all speakers for all the sessions. For the Terminator 3 session we'll have VFX Supervisor Pablo Helman, Animation Supervisor Dan Taylor and Associate VFX Supervisor Samir Hoon. For The Hulk we'll have Sequence Supervisor Christopher Townsend and Animator Jamy Wheless. Many other high profile speakers were also announced for the other sessions.

For X2 besides Mike Fink we have also former ILM member Stephen Rosenbaum. For the Tron retrospective, which matte artists and original Star Wars member Harrison Ellenshaw will moderate, director Steven Lisberger and VFX artists Bill Kroyer and Richard Taylor will attend among others. For the Matrix sequel we'll have John DesJardin, Dan Glass and Kim Libreri. For a complete list of all speakers, which includes small bios, check out the festival website here:

VES Festival 2003 schedule