ILMCP Chief Goes to The Orphanage

by malducin has reported that Paul Grimshaw, former executive producer of ILMCP has joined The Orphanage.

ILM Commercial Productions closed June 28, 2002. Though the division is gone ILM will still produce commercials through their normal film pipeline and will be mostly for tie-ins.

The Orphanage was founded in 1999 by three core members of ILM's Rebel Mac Unit, Stu Maschwitz, Scott Stewart and Jonathan Rothbart, who worked on such projects as Episode 1. Currently they are slated to provide the VFX for Zhang Yimou's The Hero, along with Tweak Films (another house by former ILM members) and Animal Logic, under the supervision of Ellen Poon.

More info here:

Grimshaw Joins The Orphanage
The Orphanage

Many thanks to vfx fan for the news.