ILMCP to Close Doors This Summer

by malducin

The ILM Commercial Productions (ILMCP) division is going to close down its doors this summer after they finish their current campaigns has now been officially confirmed by Jim Morris and reported by both Reuters and Forbes.

We heard this news a few days ago at the ILMfan forums, but not until today were there any written news about it on trade mags. It's a sad day indeed as ILMCP and ILM have produced countless of memorable commercials throughout the years and gaining many awards and accolades in the process. Who can forget the Saturn "Appliances", the spots for Perrier and Canada Dry, the Pepsi Episode 1 campaign, the First Union commercials or the Pepsiman campaign to name just a few. We wish to thank all the fine folks who have produced some outstanding imagery over the years, many times unheralded or unnoticed by many, and wish them good luck on any new endeavors.

ILM will continue to do some commercial work but now as part of the film pipeline and many artists at ILMCP regularly switched back and forth between commercials and film. If there is any encouraging news is that Jim Morris states that ILM will also concentrate on digital animation, which hopefully means more ILM CG shorts and maybe an eventual animated feature film.

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