ILMCP Work Showed on Animal Planet

by malducin

Over Thanksgiving Animal Planet had a show of how animals are used in film and commercials. ILMCP worked on the Colts vs. Lions Gatorade commercial.

ILMfan regular boneheadfx saw the show and provided a brief description on the forums here it is:

Did anyone get to see the Animal Planet marathon on Thanksgiving Day? They were showing all of the shows about using animals in films and commercials. One spot was a football ad with the Denver Broncos battling the Detroit Lions-with REAL lions! ILM composited all of the lion footage with the football players-it was pretty intense! They were using a particular compositing program-maybe someone can help me out here-it showed a monitor box on the top with a bank of controls at the bottom-all of this on one screen. Now, I don't believe this was Sabre-because other episodes showed Rythym and Hues using what I believe was the same program. I'm not very familiar with high-end compositing programs-I've always used After Effects primarily. ILM filmed all of the lion footage on a greenscreen set. After they yelled "cut", everybody had to remain extremely still-otherwise the lion might mistake a quick movement as an aggressive gesture and attack! Talk about hazardous working conditions!!

In the end it seem it was indeed Sabre as the interface was an Inferno one.Thanks boneheadfx for the report.