ILMFan Goes to SIGGRAPH 2001

by malducin

That time of the year has arrived, where practitioners, artists, researchers and enthusiasts of all related to Computer Graphics gather for the biggest CG related conference in the world. One week of fun, learning, partying and meeting old and new friends. Since CGI has become the pillar of modern VFX, it's not surprising that ILM and other names of the industry show up. And not surprisingly, ILM has a big presence this year.

Here is a recap of the sessions and events where ILM will participate. ILM got 4 pieces accepted to the Electronic Theatre (the premiere event at SIGGRAPH) including two with behind the scenes segments. ILM will also participate in events dealing with the VFX of films like The Mummy Returns, Pearl Harbor, AI, Jurassic Park 3, Episode 1 and the Alien Budweiser commercial among others. They will also talk about their technology and "magic" with presentation on 2D/3D techniques, muscle systems, RenderMan use and abuse and everything in-between. They will participate in the Courses, Panels, Sketches and Applications, and a Special Session, and will even chair some of these. They will have a booth, that while it will showcase some of their work it will be used as the center of their recruiting effort, receiving demo reels and resumes from hopefuls and always answering questions with a smile. And they will also appear at some user group meetings and several of their vendors booths and events. Not to mention that other ex-ILMers will also be around, like Ken Ralston and John Dykstra.

The following links provide more detailed reports about ILM's participation, that previously appeared here:

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There might be a few things here and there that I might have missed (they will probably be at the Alias/Wavefront user group meeting, but since the change of event it's not for certain if they will present), but this is the bulk of it.

And also at SIGGRAPH time (though separate from it) Dennis Muren will present bake-off FX reels for an Academy event.

Official AMPAS page for the bake-off

This year the staff of (mainly me ;-) will travel to sunny Los Angeles for some good rest and relaxation (yeah right ;-). During the next week there will be no news updates, and I won't have time to moderate the forums so don't misbehave too much ;-). I'll try to make small updates on the forums now and then, time permitting, since SIGGRAPH gets pretty hectic. You can expect a SIGGRAPH 2001/ILM report later at the end of the month (I expect so much to report on that it'll probably take some time). Hopefully a few of us ILM fans will have time to meet and chat. See ya soon!!!