ILMfan Goes to SIGGRAPH 2002

by malducin

One of the two biggest VFX events is about to start this Sunday and ILMfan will be there. The annual SIGGRAPH Conference will take place in San Antonio and many members from ILM and several other VFX will be there presenting the latest and greatest in CG.

SIGGRAPH is the largest CG related conference in the world and as such the participation of VFX professionals is considerable. This year it will be down in San Antonio and I will be down there enjoying it. Expect a report sometime in August about it. During SIGGRAPH time there will be no news updates until July 29. Still keep the news coming and they will be posted as soon as possible. In the meantime check the forums as I'll try to give brief updates on the events from the Convention Center.

To check on the various events ILM and other VFX facilities will participate in, check the official conference website or here on the site under the SIGGRAPH announcements:

ILMfan SIGGRAPH Announcements
SIGGRAPH 2002 website