ILMfan Upgrade

by malducin has gone an upgrade, on the anniversary of its relaunch. Previously, it was hosted inside another domain, which meant there were some limitations on it. Now has moved to its own account which will enable it to perform better.

The main improvement will be that now ILMfan will have a much larger bandwidth cap. Just a few months ago the site was inaccessible because of exceeded bandwidth. Now it'll be much harder to have that problem. Under the hood now the domain will have a few more extra features which will come handy in the future when expanding the site.

As many of you noticed, there has not been many updates to the site and I have barely checked the forums. All of these were because of the preparations for the upgrades. There were a few problems and bumps here and there, plus waiting for the DNS changes to propagate. The good folks of tech support of CWIHosting did a great job with a few outstanding problems. Because of the transitions, new postings and other features have piled up a bit. Probably during the next week we'll be able to catch up. Forums will probably come online by Monday night, but the rest of the site should be accessible.

If you notice any problems, broken links, etc. just send me a note at (remove the NOSPAM).