ILM's Work on the Indiana Jones DVDs

by malducin

Movie fans have long waited for the release of the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD, which were finally released this past Tuesday. Much has been said about the superb image quality thanks to the cleanup work by Lowry Digital but ILM was also involved, apparently in fixing some minor issues.

During the presentation to the press of the DVD set, Jim Ward of Lucasfilm talked about 14 minor fixes done to the 3 films, including erasing the (in)famous cobra reflection in Raider of the Lost Ark and some blue spill and compositing in the zeppelin in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The watchful eye of regular member PaulILMFan noted the credit on the disk and that the fix up work was discussed separately from the work of Lowry Digital (which fixed more than 35,000 frames). ILM's work could not be discussed previously and there is no word on how supervised the minor fixes.

You can read a bit about it on the review by The Digital Bits website and even see the press presentation with Harrison Ford and his 3 leading ladies:

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Thanks to PaulILMFan for all the info.