In Memory: Donald Trumbull

by malducin

It is with great sadness, that The Hollywood Reporter has announced that VFX pioneer Donald Trumbull passed away June 7. Donald Trumbull was one of the original members of the Star Wars crew and received 3 Sci-Tech awards from the Academy for his contributions to the field.

Donald Trumbull worked on the engineering of the camera that were used for motion control and miniature shooting. Like many members of Star Wars' VFX crew he would then go to work on Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Battlestar Galactica before joining John Dykstra's Apogee. He also worked with his son, VFX maestro Doug Trumbull in his directorial debut, on Silent Running.

He received his first Sci-Tech award in 1984, along with Jonathan Erland, Stephen Fog, Paul Burk, of Apogee Inc., for their work on the Blue Max projector for traveling matte compositing. In 1998 he received his second, along with Michael Sorensen and Richard Alexander of Sorensen Designs International, for the development of the Gazelle and Zebra camera dolly systems used in motion control. In 1990 he received a Medal of Commendation for his contributions to the field.

Donald Trumbull dies; pioneer in film effects field
Donald Trumbull (Variety Obituary)

We wish to extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

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