James Clyne Website Shows Minority Report, AI, Galaxy Quest and Tron 2 Art

by malducin

Artist James Clyne has worked for companies like ILM, Digital Domain and Rhythm and Hues and has worked for such productions as Minority Report and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. On his website you can catch a lot of his artwork that was later brought to life by the people of ILM and other houses.

You can see great concept sketches from Minority Report and AI some very close to the actual finished product, others being alternate versions. He worked at ILM on Galaxy Quest and seems he has 2 highly anticipated projects, Polar Express and The Fountain. If that is not enough he even shows art for the stuck in limbo Tron 2.0. You can see his website here:

James Clyne website

Seen at CGtalk.com.