Jamy Wheless at Imagina 2004

by malducin

Jamy Wheless, Animation Supervisor at ILM, will be a speaker at Imagina 2004 (this year at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo), on Thursday February 5. He will talk about VFX in feature films (like the Hulk and Yoda) along with a panel compromised of Jim Radford (MPC), George Borshukov (ESC), Rodolphe Chabrier (Mac Guff Ligne) and Jacquemin Piel (Duran).

Many other presenters from high profile studios and institutions like The Mill, Glassworks, Framestore/CFC, Weta, Pixar, MIT and USC, among others, will be there. You can see the 3D program here:

About 3D Conference Program